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Custom creative laser engraving, design of unique gifts, awards, promotional items and small personalized vinyl graphics.

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Gage Summerfield, LLC is a family owned business first started back in 2006 as Accurate Ablation but due to the economic downturn at that time we decided to suspend business until recently. The goal of the business is to provide a very unique and highly technological engraving service to individuals and to businesses requiring such services.



This business uses laser technology to engrave different materials with geometric designs, lettering, artwork, and photo quality art. The multiple laser power sources provide the opportunity to engrave and cut wood, fabric and plastic acrylics. It also provides the ability to engrave anodized aluminum and some marble and granite.


End Results

Laser engraving affords the ability to do very intricate engraving that includes but is not limited to photgraphic engraving on different materials. with the experience in details, this business offers the opportunity for the owners to continue their desired work ethics. The laser system puts this business at the forefront with its high resolution and diverse capabilities.

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